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Fivos TsoukatosJanuary 10, 2024

Obesity is the #1 healthcare challenge

Obesity is currently the most significant healthcare challenge, with an estimated 4 billion people to be living with obesity by 2030. Obesity is also known to incur substantial costs, exceeding $2.2 trillion healthcare costs annually, and is commonly a root cause for numerous other diseases, e.g. diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure etc.

Embla has the right approach

In our view, offering just weight loss drug access does not work for sustainable long-lasting results:

  • People often stop weight loss drugs after 6 to 12 months but want to retain the weight loss achieved
  • However, this is not possible without lifestyle changes and support – i.e. avoid regaining the weight lost when you stop taking the drugs
  • You lose both muscle and fat with GLP-1 medication but regain only fat in the case of relapsing. In fact, you are now less healthy than before you took the drugs

There is no quick fix to weight loss. Modern weight loss drugs support habit change but you need to address multiple behavioral aspects to achieve long-lasting results without lifelong dependence on weight loss drugs.

Embla is an online medical clinic that combines personalised medicine, specialist health mentors and a digital program to address obesity root causes and achieve lasting weight loss. Embla ultimately aims to taper as many people as possible off weight loss drugs once they are done supporting behavioral change. This is why Embla takes a holistic approach where medical experts personalise weight loss drug treatment to help augment behavioral therapy provided by their health mentors and psychologists.

Promising results

By personalising the entire journey and customising medication dosages to the specific needs of each member, 98% of Embla members are achieving better weight loss results. Embla members lose 15%-20% of their body weight using 60% less medication than dictated by pharmaceutical guidelines! As a result, Embla members can achieve superior weight loss results with less drug dependency resulting in lower medication expenses.

Exceptional founding team with complementary skills within the medical space

We love founders that are passionate with the problem they are solving for, and in the case of Embla, this is what really got us excited in the first place! An added bonus is that we strongly believe in the noble mission of preventive care, which is the main focus of the Embla team ;)

Nicholas is a medical doctor from the university of Copenhagen. Prior to founding Embla, he was the Global Digital Health Innovation Lead within GLP-1a medications at Novo Nordisk. He has deep understanding of the space and first-hand exposure to the GLP-1 medication development early on. Laust previously co-founded and was the Chief Product Officer at PatientSky. He was instrumental in co-driving the company’s successful IPO. Laust wrote the first web-based EHR and medication system and coded the most downloaded healthcare app in Norway with +3 million active patients. We believe that the team’s data driven experience and approach will be the key edge for Embla and the driver for the company’s long-term vision, i.e. establish Embla as the leading preventive care provider globally.

Funding to fuel UK expansion

Embla launched in December 2021 and is the leading provider of sustainable weight management in Denmark. Embla has an international vision and has already expanded in the UK, which presents a >10x market opportunity vs Denmark. We believe that the weight loss market is huge and up for disruption. This will be enabled by the combination of GLP-1 medication and lifestyle changes. Embla has the right team and approach to emerge as the leader in Europe and beyond and we are excited to be part of their journey.

Embla is actively hiring across functions. Check out their open roles here.

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