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Industries: SaaS

Viral Loops is an all-in-one viral and referral marketing platform helping companies leverage word of mouth sales from their existing customers or users.
You can build your pre-launch campaigns, sweepstakes and competitions, as well as referral programs, which can be integrated in your website or mobile app in minutes. Companies like AirBnB and Dropbox leverage this marketing channel for increasing their customer base with an affordable, yet effective way.

Latest Facebook Posts

  • Do you remember how Harry\'s managed to gather 100K subscribers in one week, with their referral program? 😎 Do I need to tell you where this prelaunch lead Harry’s? Maybe I do. - 100+ million dollars in funding, for buying a 94-year-old razor blade factory. - More than 500 employees. - A thriving digital store (which is the fastest growing in the industry). - A barber shop in NYC. - Their own magazine. Check it out here 👉 Click and Learn More
  • These are some tools we started using the last couple of months. We managed to double our revenue in a month by being in high tempo testing mode. 😎 Read more here 👉 Click and Learn More
  • Do you want to know more about how we work? We simply use a sum of Sean Ellis’ high tempo testing method, Brian Balfour’s growth machine and our amazing growth team testing like lunatics. Read more here 👉 Click and Learn More
  • Every company is different. All of us are facing marketing issues and we have to take advantage of chances that come up along the way. What is going to help you survive is your team and your process. Here\'s how we doubled our month over month revenue growth 👉 Click and Learn More
  • Hey guys, I\'ve asked few days ago about API to create a referral user and still didn\'t get the answer.. Your API v1 responds with 503 code. It looks a bit unprofessional. Click and Learn More
  • Last month, we rolled out a ton of new features you\'ll love. 🤗 ✅ Integration with Slack ✅ Sharing with Facebook Messenger ✅ Facebook sharing image ✅ Introducing smart behaviours for the e-Commerce referral template ✅ Explore Viral Loops (smart tips in your campaign\'s Dashboard) Learn more here 👉 Click and Learn More
  • If you\'re looking for a way to create a prelaunch campaign for your product or an upcoming feature, we\'ve got you covered. 💪 This is it! 👇 Click and Learn More
  • Hey everyone 👋 The last couple of days we\'re trending on Product Hunt, thanks to you. ❤️ We want to thank every single one of you who supported us. This shows that all our work is being appreciated by the community. We reached over 400 upvotes and we\'re close to 500. ⬆️ If you haven\'t had the time to check us out (it\'s ok, everyone\'s busy), see here 👉 Click and Learn More
  • YEAH! 🙌 We\'re over 200 upvotes and we\'re trending in Growth Marketing category. Thank you all for the support 💜 Come say hi 👋: Click and Learn More
  • Woohoo! 🤣 We reached 100 upvotes on Product Hunt and we\'re still counting. Check us out (if you haven\'t): Share some love ❤️ Click and Learn More