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Industries: Health Tech

Advantis Medical Imaging provides advanced web based software solutions in the field of MR Imaging. More specifically, Advantis offers a highly sophisticated, web based and user friendly post processing and 3D visualisation software suite named “Brainance”, for the processing of three different brain MRI exams: Diffusion, Perfusion and Functional MRI.


Uses the in-house developed algorithms which achieve, in the case of DTI, extremely high accuracy rates (90% vs 65% achieved by traditional algorithms) in the final 3D reconstruction of the human brain’s nerve fibers. Thus, it consists a better tool to diagnose more timely and accurately severe chronic diseases towards the improvement of the patient’s quality of life.

In contrast to traditional desktop software applications, Brainance is accessible from an internet browser and there are no device restrictions. Just upload the exams you want to process to your account and start processing instantly.

Is characterized by simplicity and usability. Start working with Brainance without the need of a user manual. Optimize your time and workflow. Less time with the software, more time with your patients.

Provides fair and flexible pricing plans for all types of users based on the volume of the uploaded exams and software modules usage. Manage your exams, manage your costs.

Offers a wide range of modules for the processing of brain MRI exams. Any updates are automatically integrated to your account with no extra charge. Stay updated, keep your quality high.

Our dedicated team works every day to ensure that everything works fine. We can assist you with any technical issue you may encounter. Remote and efficient technical support.

Choose Brainance and achieve a more timely and accurate diagnosis of severe chronic diseases!